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Passionate about programming languages, automation and innovation with a focus on full stack web and mobile application development.

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About Me

Young and passionate Software Engineer intrigued by frameworks, their ease of use and limitations. Strongly believes there is no all knowing creature in this world, but teamwork makes the dream work.

The functional needs fascinate me as much as the technical ones, enabling me to offer the best guidance towards a successful project.

Coffee ain't part of my life as a developer, unlike most of my kind, but I can get a pretty good kick out of a 90's playlist during a coding session.

My expertise and skills

React Native 21%
.NET 61%
Angular 44%
React 81%
Laravel 59%
Blazor 62%

My Services

Web Design

The basics, as well as you could expect from someone technical

Web Apps

Browser applications with great component reusability increasing flexibility

Mobile Apps

Compact and efficiƫnt code are key for a great working mobile application


Well functioning, intelligent and shielded access points, both public and private

Contact info

Address: Zonnebloemlaan 11, 1653 Dworp Belgium
VAT nr: BE 0459.666.073